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Our Farm

Hilltop Lookout

One of our favourite locations to watch a sunset or sunrise, the hilltop is the highest point on the property and sits above the fog on a foggy morning and features a nice log to sit and enjoy some wine and nibbles at sunset.


The Spooky Woods

Along the riverbanks the old trees create a spooky atmosphere that inspired the property's name.

Rustic Bridge

The original bridge made from wood around the Estate has seen better days but still provides a great way to cross Coolakin Creek most of the year except when the creek floods.  Watch your step!

rustic bridge on farm stay.jpg

The Outhouse - Peacock and Chicken Coop

The original "Outhouse" has been converted to a coop for our resident peacocks and Spookwood's chickens. You can even feed them your veggie scraps and collect fresh eggs whilst you stay in the farmhouse accommodation. Would have been a great view to enjoy whilst showering or taking care of business back in the day!

Turtle Head Rock

In a beautiful copse of trees filled with Balgas (Grass Trees) and Gum Trees you will discover some very unique rock formations. Turtle Head Rock can be seen to best effect from the direction of the dam and Snail Tree has a tree growing around a large boulder.

Rock face.jpg
Dam Mist_edited.jpg

Turquoise Dam

A beautiful all year turquoise Dam complete with swim platform, beach and kayak. A great place to cool off on hot summer's day or chill out in winter. 

Warning: deep, untreated water needs to be treated with care and children must be supervised.

Lizard Rock

In the warmer months this large granite outcrop is a favourite location for many varieties of lizards. It is also surrounded by many acres of native flora and fauna. In spring the area is filled with wildflowers

lizard rock_edited.jpg
The Lake Campsite

The Lake

A smaller lake-style dam with amazing views down into the valley. In winter it overflows and creates a lovely little creek with many waterfalls down to the larger dam. Nearby are some interesting rock formations and spooky trees

The Hanging Tree

In the Fairy Garden you will also find the Hanging Tree - a macrame Hammock chair overlooking the bush and the vineyard. A lovely place to hang around and relax with a book.


The Fairy Garden

The Spookwood Fairy Garden is a favourite with the young and the young at heart! Featuring fairy houses, a treant and even an Air Bee and B, our insect hotel!

Boulder Peak

One of the most spectacular spots on the property. Great views, wildflowers, granite boulders and a cliff-face for the more adventurous. If you are able to climb to the top of the cliff you will find the tallest fence post on the property!

Boulder peak cliff.jpg
Spookwood Sign.jpg

Spookwood Sign

Move over Hollywood, the Spookwood sign is the best spot to take a group photo for your next profile pic! A great opportunity to cross the creek and explore the other side. Or if that sounds too hard stop in the car on your way in or out.

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